Best Raspberry Ketone Supplements of The Year

The world of weight loss is filled with many options, especially when talking about raspberry ketone products, so how do you make a choice? Simply scroll down the page and see our shocking test results or read on and learn more about raspberry ketones and our testing protocol. You will come across literally dozens and dozens of different weight loss supplements, all with unique ingredients and formulations to boast of. If you look long enough like we have, you will discover that each company will always market that specific component in the product that helps with weight loss; in fact, many times adding that main ingredient as part of the product name, like raspberry ketone. What we have discovered is that there are only a few Companies which actually come close to meeting all the requirements set by Dr. Oz for raspberry ketone products and only one that meets them all.

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One such development in weight loss supplements is raspberry ketone. In the Dr. Oz Show, Tim Sullivan mentioned that raspberry ketone has a huge response from weight loss enthusiasts. Ever since it was made mention in her show, many manufacturers came up with products containing raspberry ketones as a component to weight loss.

What exactly are raspberry ketones? You may ask. These are the substances found in raspberries which give them that distinct smell. In many situations, this one is used to enhance flavor in certain health products. The truth is that natural health products in Canada were approved to contain raspberry ketones.

More on Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones are all-natural; this is the reason behind why physicians recommend them for weight loss too. But beyond weight loss alone, there are many things that this substance can do to the body. It may require diet and workout as a portion of one’s diet but ketones in raspberries are proven to help intensify energy and one’s metabolism. This is beneficial for individuals who want to lose weight.

It also helps burn fat. As you know, fat may contribute to weight increase in the body. By burning fat, weight loss can be achieved and yes, raspberry ketones have the capability to help with this particular aspect of losing excess weight as well. While doing that, you also achieve other health benefits from taking raspberry ketone supplements.

Choosing Raspberry Ketone Supplements

As what was mentioned awhile back, more and more manufacturers have used raspberry ketones in their weight loss product since the time the substance was mentioned in the Dr. Oz show. With that response from producers, it is really very hard to assess which one is an authentic product or not. Perhaps, the following sets of criterion may help you decide.

#1 – Look for an all-natural raspberry ketone product. Many laboratories produce the synthetic form of raspberry ketones because it is simply hard to extract as much ketone in a single pile of raspberries. Therefore, you have to take the challenge to look clearly into how the product is manufactured before it became raspberry ketones for weight loss.

#2 – Look into other ingredients combined with the supplement you want to purchase. Are there other synthetics or all the other ingredients are natural? You have to make sure you go for all-natural ingredients.

#3 – Look for overall value of the product. Of course, you can see this through the benefits section of the item. This is commonly found in websites devoted to promoting the product. From here, you should look into the price attached to your purchase.

Using the above criteria, we at came up with the following list of the best raspberry ketone supplements:

#1 – RK Phase 2


If you are looking for the most potent raspberry ketone product on the market, look no further than RK Phase 2. This is a serious product takes raspberry ketone to a new level with its potency and dosage. As a result, it works like it should, both as an appetite suppressant as well as a metabolism booster.

Unlike many subpar raspberry ketone products on the market that either do not contain the proper potency or dosage to be effective, RK Phase 2 did its research. The research here clearly paid off with significant results being attained. Impressively, it is also manufactured in an FDA-Certified Lab to ensure both ingredient accuracy and quality.

As if that wasn’t enough, RK Phase 2 comes with an industry leading 120-day money-back guarantee. With a price that is average amongst the various brands, RK Phase 2 is our clear top pick for weight loss.

Read our full review of RK Phase 2

#2 – Raspberry Ketones Max


Raspberry Ketones Max – the name itself will make you assume that this product has nothing but raspberry ketone which was maximized out of raspberries and not just synthetically made in laboratories. Because of this, you can trust it when it comes to losing weight.

Like any raspberry ketone supplement out there, you get all the other benefits you expect from raspberry ketones with this product. Raspberry Ketones Max has the capacity to oxidize fat burning, increase energy and boost the body’s metabolism. All these are crucial to weight loss and will help you indeed achieve results when you want it, just as you want it to happen.

It works simply because the science behind its manufacture had seen to it that a single pill was extracted from raspberries to exhaust the ketone enzymes that will help with weight loss. This means thousands of raspberries have been harvested just so you may enjoy the benefits. You do not even have to worry about blood triglyceride levels.

Get Raspberry Ketones Max for a limited free trial offer. Read our full review here!

#3 – Ketone Breeze


Equally matching the goodness of Raspberry Ketones Max is Ketone Breeze. This product also deserves a chance of getting recognized in the market. This is because of its 100% natural extract from raspberries. With this said, you can be assured that you will never experience any side effects from using the product.

Ketone Breeze also provides a list of benefits that you will love. It burns fat in many ways simply by boosting metabolism and reducing a substance called adiponectin. It can also be trusted for flushing out unwanted toxins that may lead to excessive weight. The product does that by detoxifying the system and cleansing it as well.

Together with ketone in the product, it also has African Mango in the pack. This is also said to have a dramatic weight loss effect since it helps boost the body’s metabolism and is supported by weight loss studies.

This product though costs much higher than that of Raspberry Ketones Max as it is priced at $84.95 for a month’s supply. Ketone Breeze is very effective though thus the manufacturer includes a 30-day money back guarantee with your purchase. Read our full Review!

#4 – Flawless Raspberry Ketone


Flawless Rapsberry Ketone is tagged as an appetite suppressant; this is all thanks to the potent nutrients extracted from 100% raspberry ketones which produce long-lasting outcomes as you want. It has the capacity to increase metabolism too while also taking a look at your endeavor to burn fat. You will also benefit from the fact that it provides high energy levels.

The product contains the natural phenolic compound in raspberry ketones, a substance which also produces the scent in raspberries. These very same ketones are the ones in-charge of fat burning capabilities in Flawless Raspberry Ketone. Alongside raspberry Ketone though, you also get resveratrol, acai fruit, green tea and African mango extract in its list of ingredients.

Well, the product may not be pure ketone after all but it has the same ingredients that work with weight loss. It is currently being offered for free.